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Fina Cyberis offers expert knowledge in digital finance with a strong focus on social good. The company was first established in London in 2018 and more recently we opened an office in Warsaw. We draw our expertise from many years of trading and asset management experience in traditional financial markets and a decade long involvement in the blockchain based financial innovation. We put strong emphasis on the future of finance and ethical use of new technologies and commit substantial resources to sharing our knowledge with the general public to counteract any unethical misuse of crypto assets but also support the development of the crypto industry in a constructive, professional and ethical manner. We are keen to collaborate or co-invest with people and businesses sharing our values and vision of a digitally inclusive society.

2018,  a blockchain start-up, raises more than $4 bn in a year-long auction. At that size, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) surpasses the value of all but two IPOs sold worldwide in 2018.


Ethereum Blockchain is built by Vitalik Buterin and the focus shifts to smart contracts and authentication paving the way to a broad-based discussion about the applications of tokens.


Multiple cryptocurrencies are born based on Blockchain - primarily focused on their use as a payment system. The narrative of an “alternative to national currencies” is often used and the decentralised nature of blockchains is perceived as the next great disruptor to the financial system.

October 31, 2008

Bitcoin is introduced to the world. While it uses pre-existing technologies like Distributed Ledger and Hashing, it is the combination of those existing methods and new cryptographic and algorithmic methods that make the underlying technology BLOCKCHAIN truly revolutionary. It is now possible to exchange value on the internet.

Blockchain Revolution

Decentralised Finance
Token Economy

Fina Cyberis was founded by Joanna Kalmer – an investment adviser and an entrepreneur specialising in digital finance. She started her career as a currency trader and went on to manage large investment portfolios in traditional markets before focusing her attention on new financial technologies emerging from the advent of blockchain. Joanna takes particular interest in social and political implications of digitalization and contributes to not-for-profit digital inclusion projects.

Making Digital revolution work for Social Good is not an added bonus – it is a prerequirement for supportive Regulation and Institutional Adoption.